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Nearshore Survey AS has specialized on high resolution seabed mapping in coastal waters, lakes and watercourses. In addition to modern surveying methodology, we have optimized equipment and methods to operate safely and efficiently at challenging places such as close to the shoreline, in areas with limited depth, in rivers or tidal streams and in remote areas where equipment and personnel must be by transported by special vehicle or helicopter.

Main areas


Mapping of detailed bathymetry for volume calculations, evaluation of cable routes, road construction or study of geology/geo-hazards.


Scanning of dam/dam wall and adjacent areas. Optionally combined with laser data for "seamless" 3D-surface.


Bathymetric survey to document navigable depth, sediment transport or development of nearby infrastructure.

Cable route

Multibeam survey and ROV-inspection of cable corridors for route engineering and calculation of cable lengths.

Offshore wind

Surveys adapted to the various phases from early site assessment to micro siting and installation of fixed or floating foundations.

Port construction/fairways

Hydrographic surveying, monitoring and documentation during dredging operations in accordance with IHO S-44 Edition 6.0.0

Precise positioning

Surface positioning service (RTK GNSS) and underwater navigation (USBL), in real time or over a periode of time.

Water level/current/wind

Installation of sensors and systems for logging and near real-time presentation. Example: www.waterlevel.no

Portable equipment

Side Scan Sonar (SSS)

EdgeTech 4200-FS Side Scan Sonar (120/410kHz)

Magnetometer (MAG/GRAD)

Marine Magnetics SeaSPY marine magnetometer (opt. gradiometer).

Sub-bottom profiler (SBP)

Innomar SES-2000 parametric echo sounder (85-115/2-22 kHz)

Multibeam echo sounder (MBES)

Pole mounted systems based on  Kongsberg EM3002D, EM2040/C

Position/heading (GNSS)

Trimble SPS-852+SPS-552H, Trimble BX982, Seapath380-5

Motion sensor/Fiber optic gyro

Ixsea/iXblue OCTANS FOG, Seatex MRU-5, TSS-DMS, MiniFOG

Containerized Catamaran

Concat 10m foldable survey catamaran that fits inside a 40' ISO container for worldwide transport. 

Survey watercraft

Special craft with hull mounted Norbit WBMS for ultra-shallow areas and  rivers/watercourses.


Halvor Mohn

General Manager/Surveyor
+47 909 44 171

Bjørn Tore Dalva
Sr. Surveyor/Survey Technician
+47 909 57 574

Nedre Åstveit 12-14

NO-5106 Øvre Ervik

Bergen, Norway